Following the success of the FG4 brand internationally, we successfully launched FG4 in March 2015 into the UK market at a number of exclusive fundraising fashion shows at local schools.

“I started my career in my teens, selling school uniforms directly to schools. With this UK launch of FG4, I am going back to my roots, getting back in touch with his customers by taking this collection on the road.

I have always been passionate about supporting good causes, schools and the local community, this is essentially what has given rise to this new way of launching the FG4 brand in the UK”.

~George on the launch of FG4.

DSC_0086Five local schools were chosen to host these exclusive “FG4 Fashion Shows”, an exciting and fun way for them to raise much wanted funds and to support ongoing projects tailored to the specific and individual needs of their school.

Budding models from each school went on the catwalk to strut their stuff along with teachers and parents who also got involved.  It was the first time the FG4 brand was showcased in front of a UK market.